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Who is Nowocoat Industrial?

Innovative, functional and durable coatings

Nowocoat A/S is an innovative and modern paint manufacturer with roots going back to 1861. We provide innovative, functional and durable coatings for industrial, manufacturing and professional use.

We do not follow trends - we set them

Via our innovation and development, we raise the standard for the effects achievable through surface treatment.
What distinguishes us from the competition is that we develop specialised solutions for our customers and take the time to understand their requirements and work processes and then look into how we can best, together, develop a solution that has the maximum benefit to our customers. We form long-term partnerships based on mutual respect for each party’s competencies.
Among other things, that strategy has resulted in the QuickDry technology, which leads to shorter production times and less evaporation, and this also results in a better work environment in addition to a shorter “time to market” period. Not least, for production processes where a lot of liquidity is tied up, this has a direct impact on the bottom line for our customers.


State-of-the-art production facilities

In 2018, we opened our new factory in Kolding, where the modern production facilities provide us with an optimised flow wherein we quickly manufacture up to 65,000 litres three times a day in three shifts.
Many of our processes use robotic technologies, and this eases both the burden on our employees during the production process and also ensures a high and uniform level of quality

Certified quality assurance and environmentally-friendly processes

The entire production is double-certified by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, and we can supply all of our coatings with full traceability while, throughout the production, we do our utmost to respect the environment.

Skilled employees and modern technology are the foundation

The foundation for being able to meet even the most demanding and specialised needs on the market is our skilled and passionate employees, who, with access to the most advanced modern technologies, have the opportunity to drive innovation and development of coatings to new standards and patents
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